Sophia Nails Ammanford

Sophia Nail Ammanford, and the noises that were recorded in the basement of the house that sits behind, Sophia Nails Ammanford.

Listener discretion is advised.

The map above shows the position of Sophia Nails Ammanford, to the right of Sophia nails Ammanford is an alleyway.

The following recorded noises seem to becoming from underneath the ground, somewhere near the rear of Sophia Nails Ammanford and the house next door.

The following short recording is of a Lady in distress, who says a baby has died and then asks why.

The video is 12 seconds long.

You Tube comment: "I hear Why Gareth, Why? The babies died".

In the next recording several people can be heard screaming as if in extreme pain.

The video is 32 seconds long.

You Tube comment: "His scream seems like a serious pain/injury related scream and the after scream is like someone else reacting to it".

In the next recording a woman repeatedly asks someone to stop whatever it is their trying to do to her.

The video is 16 seconds long.

You Tube comment: "Sounds like a few different voices the female screaming stop, a male yelling help me, bloody hell, this is terrible that its not being looked into properly

In the next recording a young child can be heard wanting to get dressed.

This video is 11 seconds long

You Tube comment: "The first bit with the young kid wanting to get dressed says it all to me, I agree, young kids do not want to get dressed. What is going on down there?"

The next recording is a short compilation of recorded noises.

This video is 1 minute 47 seconds long

You Tube comment: "Those kids screaming are not normal of kids playing. They sound scared. Also that woman who says the baby died is saying that with fear. You can tell by the way she says it. Why Gary. Why. Which I think has just recently happened. As she has not gone in to the hysteria stage yet. So sad".

Both of the Owners of the shop that trades as Sophia Nails Ammanford, were contacted and asked what they thought was going on, both showed no empathy or concern, about the screaming and crying, or the children that could be heard, one of them dismissed the noises as simply "background noises".

Listen to what he said here.

Both Gareth Edwards and Jane John know that my wife and I were forced out of our house in July 2018.

They both know that we have lived in our van ever since.

I think Gareth Edwards mocks me, you can see why here.

I also think Jane John mocks me, you can see why here.

Both owners were invited to give their points of view on HPANWO radio, both declined, but one did reply and stated "I have had no contact from Mr Ben Emlyn-Jones", Ben disagrees with what the Lady said as he had conversed with her.

Ben made his offer again, there was no response.

You Tube comment: "She will make any excuse not to appear on Ben's show, I notice she is not saying that she is willing to appear on Ben's show, just that Ben has not been in touch. We know Alan sent her Ben's details. It appears to me that she has something to hide".

I reported that the leasehold owner of Sophia Nail Ammanford is Trang Thanh Tran, a Vietnamese Lady convicted for her part in 15 illicit drug factories in Wales.

The free hold owners of Sophia Nails had different versions of events about Trang Thanh Tran.

One of the owners of Sophia Nails states "The lady named above as leaseholder of SOPHIA Nails is false information. Tran WAS the leaseholder of HEAVENLY Nails and assigned the lease to new tenants in 2015. She has had NO connection to the business at 20 College St for 5 yrs.

The other owner stated "Trang Thanh Tran had not been involved in the business for 3 years" Listen to what he said here.

I put up a video showing the true position, Trang Thanh Tran is the current leaseholder of Sophia Nails according to the Land Registry, when I did, someone complained to You Tube and the video detailing the true events, was banned by You Tube in the UK.

You Tube comment "Well I for one do not think what YOUR saying is actually true. Alan published the title deed, what do you say to that? Where is your PROOF? Why are you trying to distance yourself from this Tran person? I think YOU have a LOT to answer!!!!!".

I researched the true leasehold owner of Sophia nails in an effort to find out the truthful position.

Now Jane John states that Trang has had nothing to do with the business for five years (2015) and her brother Gareth Edwards said Trang has had nothing to do with the business for three years (2017), but I managed to uncover more information which puts a different spin on events.

The information is here.

You Tube comment (extract) "Alan is correct when he says that Trang Thanh Tran is the current leaseholder of Sophia Nails Ammanford, she has a 10 year lease which runs from 2011 to 2021. If the shop owners are going to keep disputing this, why is it that neither of them are willing to appear on the HPANWO radio show hosted by Mr Ben Emlyn-Jones?

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