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Behind Sophia Nails, Ammanford

All we are trying to achieve is a proper investigation

Now Jane John states that Trang has had nothing to do with the business for five years (2015).

Her brother Gareth Edwards said Trang has had nothing to do with the business for three years (2017).

According to Lane registry records, Trang Thanh Tran is the current leaseholder of Sophia Nails in Ammanford, and has a 10 year lease (2011 to 2021).

A copy of the lease can be viewed here.

Both Jane and Gareth agree that Trang left the business when it became Sophia Nails.

Heavenly Nails ceased trading around 2013

The next screenshot seems to suggest the true person that runs the shop on a day to day basis.

Sophia Nails thanks everyone for ten years of support

Gareth Edwards told me that the people that were currently working at the shop where Tom and Holly and that he had spoken to them "two or three weeks ago". He changed his mind when I put up the review that proved the staff had changed.

Click here to hear what he said.

Now its known from the following comments that the staff at Sophia Nails changed around January 2020.

Sophia nail staff change

1. The new staff did not leave the comment thanking customers for the last ten years, they have only been there for about a year.

2. The previous staff have all left, so they did not leave the comment.

3. We know Trang Thanh Tran left somewhere between 2013 and 2017, so she could not have left the comment.

I think the comment was probably left by Jane John, for several reasons. The first is she has already left a comment for the business.

A review left by Jane John

My second reason for coming to this conclusion relates to another comment made by Jane John.

Jane comments about a broken window

I replied to her comment here

It is normally the leasehold owner of a property that is responsible for breakages of windows, in this case, Jane John said she was responsible, suggesting that she is responsible for the day to day running of the shop.

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